Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm an idiot!

My sweet boyfriend sent me a gift package from Bath & Body Works today. It's this incredibly cute canvas tote an inside was a set of four Bath & Body works products all scented Japanese Blossom. Now, I struggle with strong fragrances and some flower scents in the sense that they can be very triggering smells for me. I'd never smelled Japanese Blossom, so rather than doing the smart thing and spraying the body spray into the air and smelling it, I go ahead and spray it on my wrists to smell it. It is a wonderful smell, but it is triggering the mess out of me at the same time. Boyfriend is not aware of my sensitivity to perfumes/colognes b/c the kind he wears wasn't triggering to me, so I never said anything. I don't blame him at all, and I think I can go to B &B Works and exchange the items for a non-triggering scent. He is so good to me.

Here's the deal. Since I had to try something on, why didn't I try the lotion or the body gel? They would have been easier to wash off. Then I would be sitting here at my desk 2 hours later trying to keep my hands as far away from my face as possible. I'm my own walking trigger today. Smart.... real smart!

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