Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So tired

Not sure why, but I am so tired. I slept a lot this weekend. I thought that would help. It seemed to until this morning. I've been so tired all day. Things have been better emotionally the past few days, and I'm not physically sick, so the best I can come up with is that my dreams are becoming more intense. Most nights I do have bad dreams, but even on nights that I have neutral or good dreams, they can still be so intense and draining.

I did a sleep study in college. They diagnosed me with Periodic Limb Movement Disorder - basically I jerk in my sleep. I know I also grind my teeth when I sleep and I have mouth guards for that, and I've been told that I talk in my sleep. I must be a joy to share a room or bed with, huh?

I tend to think that these are the reasons I'm tired a lot. Every now and then, like today, I wonder if more of it is rooted in internal turmoil than I actually give it credit for. The flashes I was getting on Thurs, Fri, and Sat have stopped for the time being. I assume they're not gone. Have they just manifested themselves internally and the result is exhaustion on my part? Maybe I'm trying to find something that's not there. Maybe I just have physical issues and this the way that I sleep. I'm always going to require more sleep than the normal person to get the same quality of sleep.

Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight. If I get a lot sleep and I'm still exhausted, we can explore this more thoroughly in therapy on Thursday.

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