Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A little vent

My name is Hannah. I'm one of many in this system. Normally I don't do anything considered social, but I need to vent and this seems like the best way to do it without actually having to talk to anyone.

So, I guess you could say my "job" in our system is to be the brainiac. I got us through undergrad. I got us through grad school with a 4.0 despite 2 hospitalizations. I'm the one that's held down a full-time job at the same place for the past 3 years despite a few more hospitalizations. And currently, I am the one taking courses towards getting my Ed.S. degree. So far I'm managing everything just fine as far as working full time and taking an online class. What has me pissed off is my professor.

I can't decide if his attitude towards me is due to arrogance, ignorance or a combination of both. He definitely has more life knowledge than me b/c he's like 60, but it has become obvious over the course of the semester that he does not have more book knowledge than me. He does not know how to write APA style, but is requiring we write a term paper APA style. Through questioning though, it's not really an APA paper, it's a Dr. B. style paper. Then he tried to tell me I couldn't do my term paper topic b/c he looked it up in the dictionary and couldn't find it. Excuse me??????? The dictionary????? What year does he think it is? 1985? All you have to do is freaking Google it. PubMed alone has 178 articles on the topic. He relented and is letting me write the paper, but I'm sure I stepped on his toes b/c I asked to write on a learning disorder he's never heard of.... another sign of his ignorance. He's an education teacher that's never heard of a common learning disorder.

Today I got my grade results from last week's assignment. He didn't take off much, but his reasoning for taking off makes no sense. He claimed my answer to question one lacked insight b/c such a thing wouldn't have existed back then. Well, if I'd written what he said I did on question 2, he would be right. However, I didn't write it, and he's not even thinking about the right question. He made the homework questions up. Idiot!!

So, this mistake on his part boils down to one of two reasons. 1. He got my work confused with someone else and responded in my inbox to their homework and discounted from my grade instead of their's. 2. I've thoroughly managed to piss him off at this point in the semester, and he's going to make my grade suffer b/c I've bruised his ego. I've been banned by the others from e-mailing him and setting him straight. They say it's not worth it right now. I still very much have an A in the class, and we should wait and just contest the grade at the end of the semester if we don't get an A. Their position does make sense, but I really want to put this little man in his place!!!!!!!

I have no respect for him, and have decided he's either a moron or a jerk. Maybe both. Some of the others are telling me I'm being way too judgmental, but I don't care. I'm good at school. I'm good at book work. I am an A student. I can't stand it when someone tries to undermine that!!!

Ugh! I gotta go. Writing just seems to be making me more aggravated. All I know, is he better not pull this crap 2 weeks in a row, or I will go off no matter what anyone else inside says!

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