Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Upper hand now?

Today's update in this continuing insurance saga:

Insurance company #2 offered me an insurance plan today. :D The only bad part is it has a 50% price increase because of my medical records. It's still about half as much as if I had to pay for Cobra, but I'm pretty sure they won't cover any of my mental health. It's not the best plan, but it's very exciting to know I can get health insurance that I can afford even if it is about $100 more per month than I wanted to pay.

Also, my insurance broker submitted my appeal to insurance company #1 today. The hope is that they'll reconsider and if they accept me come back with a lower monthly payment than insurance company #2. I wonder if they both approve, if I can play them off of each other to get a cheaper rate? That would be awesome, but I hate to risk it and have both of them say, "fine, just go with the other company" and end up screwing myself over.

At least I might have the upper hand in this situation again rather than just begging and pleading that someone will offer me insurance coverage at any cost. :D

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