Monday, August 24, 2009

First Night in New Place

This is our first night in our new place. I got so distracted with other things last week, I can't remember if I mentioned that we were moving cities. It's only an hour away from where we were, and it's so we can start school full-time next week and be in the same city as our fiance' when he gets home in December, but a new bedroom, a new apartment means learning to feel safe here and make it our own again.

We're in a really safe neighborhood and we're in the basement apartment of a family who a friend of mine really trusts, so the safety shouldn't be too big of an issue. Making it our own will be a bit more challenging. The couple's oldest daughter lived down here for awhile before she got married this past summer. All of her photos are all over the bedroom. Most of the clothes in the closet are hers. The family didn't do a very good job of cleaning out their effects for me to make this space my own. However, they are letting me rent this place for an incredible price and it is really nice. I'm sure in time, we'll find ways to make it our own and put up our own pictures. Maybe we'll just take hers down and store them and put them back up when we move out next May. That's an idea....

Thankfully we're pretty tired tonight. We had therapy this afternoon and spent the evening unpacking boxes and trying to find places for our stuff. So, we should sleep pretty well tonight. Tomorrow will be more unpacking and a trip out on the town to find a Target and a few other essential stores we'll want to be able to find while we're here.

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