Sunday, August 30, 2009

Short post - well, I meant for it to be short ;)

It's way past my bedtime, and tomorrow I start my new job and a new semester of classes. I really should be sleeping. I want to start things off right. Feeling a bit nervous about tomorrow. I think the majority of it is b/c we are in a new city where we know no one. It's not like starting a new job where I can meet up with the same friends after work or come home to the same roommate. Everything is new. While I am very excited about all of these changes, I must admit that I am not getting through this anxiety free. All I need to do is make it through this week. After that, I think the newness will pass and I will get into a routine. That's the way it always goes.

Oh, I also think I'm feeling a little stressed because I didn't realize marrying a man in the Army meant I was marrying the Army too. I know, apparently I'm extremely naive when it comes to this stuff. I knew I would move where ever the Army said, and I would do things with other army wives, but I had no idea there were books out there called "The Army Wife's Social Code of Ethics". What in the world? Apparently, my naivete could get us both blacklisted within the first month of our marriage. I've ordered the books. If I mess up, I don't want it to be out of ignorance. Apparently, since fiance recently made Captain, there's a lot more that goes along with being an Army wife. I think I will be doing lots of involuntary volunteering and there is a hierarchy among the wives just like among the soldiers. Oh, so much to learn! The wedding is 9 months away so I have plenty of time, but that was quite a shock to me to learn over the weekend. Good thing I love fiance so much!! I had no idea marrying him meant I was joining the Army as well.

Fiance also told me there's a good chance I won't be able to spend next Christmas with my family. I don't know what that means, and he didn't elaborate. I will be so happy when he gets home and he can't use the excuse, "I can't tell you, we're not talking on a secure line."! I've never missed a Christmas with my family. Even one time when I really needed IP treatment, I convinced my treatment team and my parents to let me be admitted on Dec. 26 so I could spend Christmas with my family. I know what you're thinking. It's a year and a half away, and it's the Army so things will probably change 5000 times between now and then, and you're right. I won't fret over this long. Just felt like I had a lot of big information to take in over the weekend and haven't really processed it yet.

God is good and He will work everything out. "For what man has added even a minute to his life by worrying?" - wish I could remember that Bible verse of the top of my head. I know it's New Testament and Jesus said it.

And with that thought in mind, I'm going to sleep. Night all!

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