Thursday, February 18, 2010

Will this ever not bother me??

My best friend and only friendship I've maintained since childhood's husband has been terribly ill for the past year. He's been in and out of hospitals and while all the doctors can document his symptoms are real, no one can correctly diagnose him. Today he started another round of testing and hopefully treatment at the Rochester Mayo Clinic. He spent 6 weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona over the summer, but they weren't able to do any more than the doctors here. The doctors at the Rochester Mayo think my best friend's husband may have something never diagnosed before and that's why it's so puzzling.

Anyways, best friend and I went to the same university together... the one where Dr. M was my therapist until she decided to drop me. I never expected Dr. M and best friend to cut off contact altogether just b/c she was no longer my therapist, but 6 years after her abandoning me and almost 4 years with current therapist who is amazing, seeing anything out there from Dr. M. seems to rip open that old wound and allow searing pain to flow. Her note on my best friend's Caringbridge site is below. As you can see, it is very sweet and very benign, but much to my chagrin, this post of Dr. M's makes me so angry. Best friend is mine!!!! Dr. M. made so much of my life miserable. The last thing I want is her to be nice to best friend. And how selfish is that of me? I seriously doubt Dr. M knows I'm the creator of the Caringbridge site or that she realizes I read everyone's messages like the site was for me. Best friend and her husband are as close as you can get to family without truly being related.

When will I ever reach a point where I can hear about Dr. M. or see something from Dr. M. and not totally flip out inside? Sometimes I really wish this freakin' world wasn't so small!!!

Oh, names were altered below to continue most efforts of anonymity.

Thursday, February 18, 2010 9:19 PM, CST
Hey J and B,

We are so excited about the thorough assessment B is receiving, the fabulous facilities, and the possibilities​. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers from (city) . God's strength through you is amazing. Thank you for showing that to us.

J and M.M.
M. M.
city, state


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