Monday, December 21, 2009

To laugh or cry hysterically?

Yes, that is the type of day I've had today, and why I'm just now blogging at 12:01am. Just because I'm now finding my day rather hysterical now that it's over I'm going to share. Thank you for indulging me.

*Oh, before I go futher. There is mention of women's health issues and possible treatments, so proceed with caution if that is a concern for you.*

So, fiancee went with me to my mother's family's Christmas yesterday b/c his flight to Maine was cancelled b/c of snow in Newark, NJ. We were able to get him a flight out early this morning, but rather than leaving him all alone where we live, I drug him with me to my grandmother's house to meet all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. He's never met my mom's family. It was rather entertaining.

Anyways, we had to get up at 5am today to get back to the airport he was flying out of in time for fiancee to catch his flight to ME. (He's spending Christmas there and meeting me and my family on Dec. 26 for a ski trip) So, as you may or may not know, I'm NOT a morning person and accidentally took my sleepy meds (Klonopin) this morning instead of my anti-depressant (Prozac). That should have been my sign to crawl back in bed and stay all day. I had to ask fiancee to drive to the airport b/c I was already glossy-eyed. He got a good laugh out of it.

After I dropped him off at the airport, I went to American Laser Center (my last splurge on myself before I quit my job was to purchase laser hair removal for my underarms - I used a coupon I got from a Women's Show and some money I'd been saving as "splurge money") for a treatment. Well, their coolant machine that goes along with the laser was broken. They said it might hurt more, but it wouldn't burn me. Riiiiight.... I don't think I've ever screamed in a doctors office before and I now have one nicely red, tender underarm. :P I said I'd come back when they fix the cooling machine.

From there I saw therapist, and it was probably the least stressful portion of my day. Too bad i couldn't have seen her tonight when I really had stuff to talk about.

After therapist, I went to my PCP, I've had a lingering women's issue(gotta love antibiotics for that) for over a month that I want gone before I start my travels on Sunday. Lucky for me they could work me in for today, bad for me, I have the worst yeast infection my doctors ever seen. I have to take a diflucan everyday for 3 days and then douche on Thursday if it's not better. Anyone ever douched??? I'm really not wanting to figure out what that's like. From there I went to the pharmacy where I was informed that my insurance will not pay for my diflucan Rx because I already had one filled this month.. Well, duh, I've been fighting this infection since the beginning of November!!!! Grrrr. Individual insurance stinks majorly!!!! But what can I do? I need the meds.

From there I finally make it back home and started a load of laundry b/c my plan tonight was to pack and clean my apartment since the family who owns the house that my apartment is in will be using my bed for a couple of their married children while I'm away. About 10 minutes after I started the washer, I went into the kitchen to fix some dinner. The kitchen floor was covered in water. The dishwasher wasn't running so I was confused. Stepping back out into the living room, I noticed the carpet in front of both bathroom doors was soaked. Running to the bathroom I saw standing water covering the entire bathroom floor about an inch thick. Yes, the washer broke. Apparently it no longer fills right and it somehow managed to overflow and gush water out the bottom of the washing machine. I wonder what I looked like splashing through the water to the washer to turn it off and turn the water off at the valve and then scrounging around trying to pick things up off the floor that didn't need to get wet (like my hair dryer and flat iron. I think the hair dryer is a loss). The family wasn't home, and towels made no dent in soaking up the water, so I called Mr. homeowner. He was out at the hospital visiting a church member, but he sent a neighbor over who was a plumber and he brought his shop vac and soaked up all the water. Then the carpet cleaner guys came and soaked the water out of the carpet, sprayed some anti-mildew stuff, and set up two huge fans and a dehumidifier in my apt. It's like a VERY LOUD white noise machine.

Now I sit here on my bed with suitcases packed for my trip. I have no idea what is in them. Hopefully stuff I'll want to wear. At this point, my day sounds rather comical, but I shed several tears through the course of the day as well. Now I am praying Murphy's law will not strike 2 days in a row.

If I'm going to draw a therapeutic note from all of this, I must say we are proud of ourselves for handling everything in stride and never feeling tempted to self-injure or anything else unhealthy........ and even finding a sense of humor about part of it.

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  1. Oh this sounds awful. And I have NO idea how you are even still functioning with a yeast infection, those things are the bane of my life, I HATE them with a passion! one of the worst feelings in the world in my book. :(

    (And I always take the tablet, I've never used a douche)

    Hope things go better from now on.