Saturday, June 27, 2009

Excellent Vacation!

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of events! Boyfriend was in the States on his R&R, and I spent the entire time with him. We traveled to Colorado for his brother's wedding, to Maine to spend more time with his parents, and spent the last 5 days at home just hanging out with friends and getting some good time just the two of us. I dropped him back off at the airport this morning for him to return to Afghanistan for the 2nd half of his deployment. Saying good-bye was sooo hard, but I'm doing pretty well right now. I think that's because I'm working on planning our future together. On Tuesday boyfriend proposed and is now my fiance!!!! We are getting married May 2010, so between wedding planning and school, the 2nd half of fiance's deployment should go pretty fast. Now that I'm not completely distracted by the love of my life, I'm trying to going to try to get back into therapy and blogging. I took a 2 week break from both. At the top is a picture of my ring. I absolutely love it!!!!!! (I tried to post the pic at the bottom, but am sadly blogger challenged and couldn't find a way to move it to the bottom) Going to take the rest of the weekend to chill, and then hit the ground running again on Monday. I can only imagine how parts are going to react to the engagement when things slow down enough for everything to sink in. Probably will have lots to blog about in the coming weeks. :P

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