Friday, June 19, 2009

Touching base

Hey everyone! Just wanted to touch base and let you know that my first week of vacation has gone pretty well. Seeing boyfriend has been absoultely wonderful for the most part. We've had a lot more feelings and emotions than anticipated. So far we're just containing them. I am sure we will have plenty to process and blog about after boyfriend is re-deployed at the end of next week. Still have lots of questions and very little answers from him..... Just a "trust me a little while longer." Ummm, trust? Hi, I'm your girlfriend of over a year, have we met? Trust?????? Blind trust????? Anyways, just been containing as much as a can and trying not to stuff everything. Plan to talk to him before he flies out next Friday if he hasn't brought anything up by then. We'll see.

I've also decided, vacations are great, but I'm not into long vacations like this one. I feel so out of touch with everyone that I care about. We've done a lot of neat things, and it's been a blast, but I'm actually ready for my routine again. At least I'll be home at my place with boyfriend starting Sunday afternoon. I miss my friends, my computer time (I only seem to be able to get online after everyone else goes to bed. They've been keeping us really busy), down time, phone time.

To those of you whose blogs I follow, I am out of the loop and I apologize. I pray each of you are hanging in there the best you can and still fighting. I know there is no way I could do this alone!

I look forward to being able to write a real update and catching up with everyone else. Until then, may God grant you peace!

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  1. I hope your reconnection time is wonderful. You deserve it.