Thursday, May 14, 2009

3 Year Anniversary

Today therapist and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary together in session. Our actual first session was May 16, 2006, but that's a Saturday and neither of us wanted to have a session on a Saturday so we celebrated today. We celebrated with cupcakes, coke, and art. :)
Many of you may not understand why therapist and I celebrate our anniversary together. The simple answer is that we've never had a therapist keep us longer than 2 years. If not sooner, by the 2 year mark, whoever my therapist was at the time was looking for someone more "qualified". For most of them, it was the nice way of saying, "I don't want to deal with you anymore." Others have been more direct and practically said that flat out. Whatever the reason, since we started therapy 10 years ago, we've never gotten to work with the same person for more than 2 years, and most just several months.
Current therapist is one of a kind in our eyes. Three years into this and she still seems just as excited as ever to work with us. Some days we're actually convinced she enjoys working with us. Today was fun talking about where we started, where we are now, and where we hope to be in the future. Since cupcakes and art were involved I was very switchy and little a lot.
Today's art was fun for everyone that participated, but I also think it's going to be really helpful in future therapy sessions. Every part gets to decorate a heart with something that describes them or something they like. There are 20 of us inside, so obviously we're not finished. I think the plan is to use the pieces in therapy to map out how things are inside to show therapist better and to also give a voice to parts who don't/can't vocalize yet. The picture at the top is of the pieces we've made so far. We're actually pretty proud of them, which is a big deal because we don't consider ourselves artists at all. I will admit, therapist made the puppy and we asked her to draw the frog for one of our really little parts. The rest we did though. :)
Hope to create some hand art this weekend for Tempy's site since our creative juices are flowing. Will post it if we do. :)


  1. What a brilliant way to celebrate the anniversary! It makes total sense why this is an important thing to celebrate (and I'm really glad that you've found someone who isn't going anywhere). The hearts are awesome!

  2. Oh how sweet to have a celebration, that is so really cool dear one! Happy anniversary. Three years is one dedicated t. Glad for you.

    Thanks so much for your continual encouragement . . . means a great deal to me when you share....