Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hanging in There

So, I finally have a few seconds of downtime and a few seconds to myself. Whew! It seems the list of final tasks grows longer every time one is checked off rather than shorter. Tomorrow is the last day in my hometown and then Thursday we head to wedding destination city! I think I will be very happy when Thursday gets here. There will still be a lot of work to do, but not near like there has been, and I think my family will relax a bit once we're out of town too. At least I'm praying for that.

Mostly I'll be happy b/c fiancee will be around on Thursday. I am so happy he's getting to spend time with his family at the beach this week, but at the same time I am so frustrated that he is not here helping out and he hasn't been keeping his cell handy so I can reach him when I need to. I had to make an executive decision today b/c he didn't return my call for 4 hours, and I don't think he's thrilled with my choice but the caterer had to know before close of business today. Also, I don't think he means it to be a guilt trip, but both times I've talked to him since Saturday (don't even get me started on how we've only talked twice this week. We talked more often than that when he was deployed.) he tells me how his family misses me and wishes I was there. What I want to say back to him is: Well, tell them to make the 4 hour drive over to the wedding and they can see me. And don't expect me to feel sorry for you lying by the pool or on the beach when I'm back here working my tail off for the wedding that YOU wanted. If it had been up to me, we would have eloped from the beginning.

I do want to clarify that I think this weekend is going to be amazing and that once it starts I will enjoy most every minute of it. Right now I'm just feeling tired, frustrated, anxious, and a little bitter. Oh and did I mention that I'm on my period this week??? May be great for the honeymoon but sucks right now!

Well, glad I at least got to vent for a bit. Should probably go mark a few more things off of my "to do" list. Hopefully my next post will be a much more lighthearted and elated one.

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