Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just saying hi...

I was down with the flu all last week. At one point I thought it'd be a good opportunity to catch up on a few blog entries I've been wanting to type. However, I turned out being too sick to even sit up with my computer and type. Then once I was well enough to type, the need to get caught up on school work seemed more pressing than endulging in my blog.

Things are going along okay here. Fiance' will be home in approximately 30 days! 95% of us are so excited about his return. I'm sure therapy will help us with the 5 percent that have gotten used to and comfortable with not pushing the envelope with a romantic relationship over the past year.

Still struggling with lonliness in our new city, but it's getting a bit better. We make plans for every weekend and have made more of an effort to be social at least one night during the week. Also, feeling like the depression is back in check has allowed us to focus on school work better and be more productive in the evening rather than sitting around and feeling sorry for ourselves.

We have our first face to face session with therapist on Friday. We're slightly nervous because we haven't met face to face in 2 weeks. Web sessions are good but are not near as intense and we don't feel near as connected to her. Something about that connection seems to help open things up. I appreciate that most days, but some days it does make things more challenging.

Anyways, back to school work. One more month and this semester will almost be over with! Yay!

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