Monday, April 12, 2010

Water Works

I'm in the process of writing 3 different blog entries. They are not finished because the last of the ones I will probably post (of the ones I'm currently working on) happened yesterday and has been pretty consuming all of last night and today.

However, this one is short but still something I didn't want to get away from me. I realized during therapy yesterday how I am still amazed that I can walk into a therapy session feeling great with no agenda of things I felt "had" to be discussed and all therapist has to do is ask the right set of questions or ask to talk to a specific part and BAM: water works! and not just little tears.. crocodile tears and irregular breathing.

I find myself wondering. Where does all of this hide the rest of the week? I don't walk around always feeling like I need to cry. I don't find this upsetting or disconcerting..... just an interesting observation.


  1. I feel the same way with my T. It's like they know exactly what buttons to push to get us thinking about what is wrong, I guess that is their job.

  2. I agree with Catherine, and I also think that our brains are pretty smart at times about when to let the waterworks happen, when to let us really feel things. Deep down, we know when it is safe and can work through things.